Top 10 Divas Who Acted In Movies

Wrestling has entertained crowds since ancient times, but it was not really considered to be an actual athletic sporting event until ancient Greece and Rome.

Back then, wrestling was simply a competition of strength and endurance, that usually did not provide much wealth or fame to the competitors. Now though, wrestling has become quite the lucrative profession, especially if you are a truly talented individual, or have a certain something that allows you to greatly appeal to the audience. It is true that wrestling is a primarily male dominant profession, but that proportion does not eclipse the fact that women have been involved in the wrestling business for decades as well.

A majority of the time, women in wrestling served as managers or valets for other performers, and it is also worth mentioning that for the past fifteen years, televised women’s wrestling has been dominated mainly by women who were more like models than actual wrestlers. Luckily though, there are still many women who have shown impressive in-ring skills in both the past and the present.

With all that being said, whether a wrestler is good or bad in the ring, or whether they are male or female, there is only one thing that all wrestlers need to be at least moderately good at in order to survive, and that thing, is the ability to act. Acting is an integral part of wrestling, and for some wrestlers, it has allowed them to pursue full-blown acting careers, with The Rock being the prime example.

Male wrestlers though, are not the only ones who get movie roles though, as there are also quite a few women wrestlers who have at one point also appeared in movies. Here is a list of 10 wrestling divas you never knew appeared in movies.

10. Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been around for a couple years now, making her initial WWE debut in the developmental territory called Florida Championship Wrestling. When the FCW was dissolved, Summer moved on to the rebooted NXT in 2012, where she started out as a ring announcer. By 2013, she transitioned into an in-ring performer, and spent a lot of time feuding in one way or another with Paige or Natalya.

She may have not been the most talented of the women wrestlers who recently moved onto the main roster, but like them, she worked her way up to get a spot. Since she has been on the main roster though, she has not really wrestled much, she has mainly served as a valet to several other wrestlers, including a stint that saw her become Fandango’s dance partner.

During that same time though, she starred in the WWE Studios direct-to-Blu-ray movie, The Marine 4: Moving Target, a role that saw her play a female mercenary trying to kill the movie’s protagonist who happens to be played by The Miz.