Top 10 Craziest Ring Attires In Wrestling History

There was a time in the world of professional wrestling when all a man needed in order to get in the ring and wrestle was a pair of boots and some black trunks. 

Of course, that was long before the invention of color television. Or tie-dye. Or even spandex, for that matter. Now, a superstar or professional wrestler’s attire and ring gear is as important to their identity as a finishing maneuver or a catchphrase. Enter the world of sports entertainment.

The wild and crazy world of sports entertainment has always been filled with over the top gimmicks, larger than life personalities, and flashy costumes and attire. There are so many great attires and various types of ring gear that have been worn by professional wrestlers and sports entertainers over the years including Bret Hart’s signature pink and black tights, Rey Mysterio’s colorful masks, and Ric Flair’s elegant robes.

Unfortunately though, for every amazing Ric Flair robe, or colorful Rey Mysterio mask, there are at least a hundred wrestlers out there wearing something that is the exact polar opposite. These performers sometimes wear ring gear so bad or ugly that they can actually haunt the deepest recesses of our minds.

The following article is a compilation of the top 10 craziest attires and ring gear worn by performers in the history of professional wrestling.


Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, however being the greatest wrestler doesn’t mean you have the greatest fashion sense. In 2002, Michaels returned to WWE television after 18 months of absence. At Survivor Series, Michaels won the World Heavyweight Championship in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match.

Although it was a fantastic moment, it was almost ruined by his horrid ring attire. Michaels was not only wearing cowboy boots, he was also sporting a new (awful) haircut and poop brown tights.