Top 10 Coolest Title Belts in Pro Wrestling

wwf winged eagle belt

To many older WWE fans, the WWF winged eagle belt is “the” World title, the belt held by Hogan, Savage, Hart, and Michaels. The one they had a special “super-sized” version made of for Andre The Giant, the one that Mr. Perfect smashed with a hammer, the one that had a brief period where the Ultimate Warrior kept changing the color of the strap to match his outfits, and the one that existed from the dawn of Hulkamania right up until Steve Austin took the wrestling world by the balls and started the Attitude Era. It simply looks like a title that signifies a World Champion, and the only complaint we could possibly come up with is that compared to modern titles (or even the Big Gold Belt), it’s definitely a smaller physical belt, which some could say makes it less impressive. However, its size represents a different era where you didn’t need to worry about things like “if the belt looks good on TV”, or making sure everything could be seen by the back row of the upper deck of a massive arena.