TNA Impact Wrestling June 28 2012 – watch online stream, download episode, results

TNA Impact Wrestling June 28 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling

This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling starts off with a recap of last week, with Austin Aries agreeing to give up his X-Division title for a TNA World Title shot. We also see the cliffhanger ending to the AJ Styles / Dixie/ Daniels storyline with the troubled girl explaining that it was all just AJ and Dixie looking out for her.

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TNA Impact Wrestling June 28 2012 results

We see AJ and Dixie backstage telling each other how glad they are the whole thing is over with. Right now AJ wants to move on and beat the crap out of Daniels and Kazarian. We then see Dixie walking around with Claire (the pregnant junkie) and we’ll be hearing her story tonight.

Match 1: BFG Series – Ken Anderson vs Rob Van Dam
RVD picks up the win with a crucifix

Austin Aries comes out to the ring an reminds everyone about his decision last week. The X-Division title means a lot to him,so at Destination X there will be a tournament to crown the new X-Divsion champ.

Out comes Bobby Roode and calls Aries overconfident. He says this is the real world title and there are 12 other man at each other’s throats trying to get a shot at it. He says Aries only got his shot because of Hogan. Option C is going to be a failure and Roode will make sure Aries fails at Destination X. Roode tells him to get out of his ring, but AA says it’s his ring and if Roode wants him to leave his ring, he should make him. Both men get ready to brawl, but Roode backs out and heads backstage.

We are again backstage with Dixie and Claire. Claire says her mother was close to Dixie and that’s how she knew her all her life. The cameraman asks when things went bad and Claire says it was when Daniels and Kazarian found out about her. She never met them and doesn’t know how they can turn something that great into something this horrible.

Match 2 – X-Division qualifier – Rubix vs Sonjay Dutt
Sonjay Dutt gets the win with a backflipping double foot stomp.

Christie Hemme interviews Dutt after the match. Dutt says it’s great to be back in the Impact Zone. The one thing he never did in TNA was win the X-Division title, but he’s going to do it this time because nobody has swagger like he does.

We look back at Taeler Hendrix on Gut Check and fast forward to today with the judges talking about her. Tazz seems very optimistic about her, but Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard have their doubts.

Match 3 – BFG Series – Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe makes Ray tap to the Kokina Clutch after he gets distracted and slapped by Joseph Park.

After the match, Park runs Bully down. He says he has been bullied all his life and it ends now. He challenges Bully to a match in 2 weeks.

More Dixie and Claire. The photo of AJ and Dixie embracing was when AJ told her just how bad things were and the hotel room picture was AJ being excited about Claire getting better and dragging Dixie to check her out. The phone call was doctored – they were actually planning Serge’s surprise birthday party and she was trying to get AJ and his kids to come down.

Kazarian is in Hogan’s office and tells him about how he made a big mistake. He wants to be a tag team champion, but not at the expense of his integrity. All Hogan tells him is to basically be accountable for what he did.

Garret Bischoff is backstage texting. Madison approaches him and it looks like Garret’s the guy she’s been going weird over, but she’s only nervous because she wants to ask what that guy is into. She whispers his name into Garret’s ear and he wishes her good luck with that.

We go to Brooke H and Brooke T backstage. Tessmacher is excited about being the new spokesperson for Direct Auto. In comes Gail Kim, starts disrespecting them both and demanding a shot at Tessmacher. Brooke Hogan tells Gail off for her manners, but does tell her she has a shot next week.

Match 4 – Rashad Cameron vs Mason Andrews
Rashad Cameron picks up the win with a Flatliner.

Christie catches up with Cameron and he tells her that what we witnessed was the beginning of the Rashad Cameron Movement.

Hogan is backstage blowing someone off on the phone. he then turns his attention to Hardy and Storm. He tells them they are on fire and look like they’re ready to take on the world. Next week they go one on one in the Bound For Glory Series.

Taeler Hendrix and the Gut Check judges are in the ring for the verdict. Taz says yes and Joey Ryan starts causing trouble in the stands. The judges come down to confront him and he tries to get Tazz to hit him. After security ejects Ryan, everyone gets back in the ring. Al Snow continues and says she’s inexperienced, so his answer is no. Pritchard says pretty much the same thing Al Snow does, but he loves her attitude and her heart so his answer is yes.

Kurt Angle is backstage telling Styles how great it is to have him back on board. They are united while Daniels and Kazarian are divided, so there is no way they’ll lose their titles.

TNA Impact Wrestling Main Event – TNA World Tag Team Titles – AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Kazarian and Daniels
Daniels and Kazarian get the win and the TNA Tag titles after Kazarian appears to walk out on Daniels, but then hits AJ in the back with a chair.

Dixie looks shocked, but Daniels tells her to turn that frown upside down. Not only are they the new champs, but Claire has also told the truth. The only thing she didn’t mention was that her baby’s father is AJ Styles. TNA Impact Wrestling goes off the air