TNA Impact Wrestling June 21 2012 – stream / download and results

TNA Impact Wrestling June 21 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling June 21 2012

Before TNA Impact Wrestling opens up normally, we get a recap of Hulk Hogan making Austin Aries decide between the X-Division title and a title shot for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We kick things off with Hogan in the ring, saying that what happened to Sting last week wasn’t right and he’s not going to give than any more air time. He says the thugs will be exposed and put to justice.

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TNA Impact Wrestling June 21 2012 results

He then hypes Open Fight Night and the Bound for Glory Series before switching his attention to Austin Aries, who makes his way to the ring. Aries says that everyone wants to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn’t want to just give away the X-Division title either because it’s the championship that TNA was built on. Hogan says he can’t have one guy be champ of both divisions, but that’s not what Aries wants. If he’s to part with his title, he wants every X-Division champion to get this kind of opportunity around Destination X every year. Hogan loves the idea.

Out comes Bobby Roode and throws a tantrum. He says Aries just made the biggest mistake of his life because he’s going to humiliate him at Destination X. Aries says it’s Open Fight Night and tells Roode to get in the ring and humiliate him right now. They brawl around ringside and get broken up by TNA officials as Mr Anderson gets on the ramp. He says enjoys watching them beating the crap out of each other, but it doesn’t matter who wins at Destination X because he’s coming after the winner.

We are told that Anderson will be the first to make a challenge at Open Fight Night. After the commercial break, he is in the ring and calls out a man who intentionally tried to destroy a guy’s family – Christopher Daniels, who comes out looking shocked and still sipping his Martini.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 1 – Mr Anderson vs Christopher Daniels
Anderson gets the clean win with the Mic Check.

We go backstage with Dixie and AJ Styles. AJ Styles is having second thoughts about going public with their affair, but Dixie wants to go ahead. AJ thinks maybe there’s another way.

We see the TNA Knockouts backstage before the commercial break. After the commercial break, Madison Rayne asks Brooke H why she called this meeting. Brooke says she wanted to give all the knockouts a chance to talk about why they deserve this match. She wants ODB to start. ODB says she deserves it because she’s different, Madison Rayne says she deserves it because she’s been the camp for so long. Velvet says she never got her rematch and Mickie James says she’s the best female wrestler alive today. Brooke eliminates Madison because she’s not focused. She’ll make another elimination later on.

The Robbies are in the ring and Robbie E makes an open challenge to anyone in the Bound For Glory series. His challenge gets answered by…

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 2 – Robbie E vs Kurt Angle
Angle gets the 30 second submission win with the ankle lock.

Tonight’s Gut Check participant is Taeler Hendrix. She talks about having cancer at 21 and how what it took to overcome that is what’s going to make her successful in TNA.

Magnus comes out and he has an OFN challenge to make. He knows what it’s like to have women trouble, but he never screws around with another man’s wife, especially when she signs the cheques. He’s calling out AJ Styles.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 3 – AJ Styles vs Magnus
Magnus picks up the win after Kazarian and Daniels distract AJ with a piece of paper as he’s going for a top rope move, allowing Magnus to slam Styles down for the pin.

Taeler Hendrix is shown stretching backstage. Her Gut Check match is up next.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 4 – Gut Check – Taeler Hendrix vs Tara
Tara gets the win with the Widow’s Peak. After the match, she raises Hendrix’s hand as a sign of respect despite using some heelish mannerisms at the beginning.

Bully Ray confronts Joseph Park backstage and says he can smell the fear coming off of him. Park admits he was scared, but not as scared as Bully was when Abyss took him out last week. Bully pushes Park and tells him if he ever sees Park or Abyss around, that’ll be the last time they’re seen at all.

Tazz and Tenay are hyping Austin Aries’ match against Bobby Roode until they are interrupted by Samoa Joe’s music. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and calls out James Storm because Storm got lucky last week and Joe wants to see how lucky he is tonight. Storm looks a little surprised, but enthusiastic.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 5 – Samoa Joe vs James Storm
James Storm gets a clean win with the Last Call. After the match Joe gets Storm’s beer bottle from ringside and hands it to him instead of smashing it on him.

We are again backstage with AJ and Dixie. AJ says he can’t focus anymore and something has to be done tongiht.

We are back with the Knockouts.Brooke eliminates ODB because she wants the girls to be more focused.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring to throw out an Open Fight Night challenge. Joseph Park isn’t here, so Bully chooses to go for an easy win and call out The Pope.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 6 – Bully Ray vs The Pope
The Pope gets the win after Abyss interferes, cue for Bully to run away through the crowd.

We go backstage to Hogan with Jeff Hardy and RVD, booking two of his top stars into tonight’s main event. Hardy and RVD shake hands.

We see the premiere of the music video Velvet Sky’s featured in. Following that, Brooke Tessmacher makes her way to the ring. We see Brooke Hogan backstage with Velvet and Mickie James, who she gives the title shot to.

TNA Impact Wrestling Match 7 – Mickie James vs Brooke Tessmacher
Brooke Tessmacher gets the clean rollup win.

TNA Impact Wrestling Main Event – Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam
Jeff Hardy gets a clean win with the Twist of Fate.

Out come Dixie and AJ Styles. Dixie grabs a mic and says this has been going on for some time and this kind of situation never has a positive outcome and always ends up hurting someone. AJ is about to take her out of the ring before an unidentified woman comes running to the ring. She introduces herself as someone whose family has been close to Dixie’s and AJ’s. She is an addict who woke up in a hotel with a stranger several times, so she went to Dixie and AJ for help. She says Daniels decided to twist the truth. We see Daniels backstage getting pissed off that she’s about to say what’s really going on. Him and Kaz make their way to the ring and try to jump AJ, but AJ quickly disposes of Kaz and starts beating the hell out of Daniels as TNA Impact Wrestling goes off the air.