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TNA Impact Wrestling June 7 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling starts off with a recap of last week, with Ray Park challenging Bully to a match and Daniels revealing that AJ Styles is the father of Claire Lynch’s bastard.

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TNA Impact Wrestling July 5 2012 results

Out comes Bully with his phone and says he’s going live on Twitter and is about to be trending worldwide. He talks about how Park slapped him in the face last week and wants him to come out right now. Out comes Park and Bully tells him that if he wants him, he’s got it. Park tries to explain the meaning of precedent to him, talking about how he set one when he beat Bully at Slammiversary. Bully tells him to take his precedent and shove it, but Park gets in his face about imposing his will on everyone. Bubba produces a piece of paper and tells Park he should be worried about this. It’s a restraining order for Abyss. If he gets anywhere near Bully, he’s going to rot in jail for the rest of his life. As Park is reading the document, Bully cheap shots him from behind.

Double A and Double H are in the back. Hogan says Aries has three days left until the biggest day in his life, so he needs the X-Division title tonight. Aries says he’ll do it as long as there is no shennanigans. Hogan tells him to go get the other one.

We get another recap of Daniels revealing AJ Styles as Claire Lynch’s unborn baby’s father. The fearless cameraman proceeds to press Dixie without any regard for job safety.

Match 1: TV Title: Devon vs Crimson
Devon picks up the win with a spinebuster.

Madison Rayne comes out after the match and she’s ready to make a move. She appears to be interested in Devon, but shoves him aside, gets ref Earl Hebner into the corner, gets on top of him and makes out with him. As Madison walks off, Hebner looks shocked at first, but then manages something resembling a smile.

Chris Sabin comes out with crutches and he looks very depressed. He talks about how his dream of being a pro wrestler has turned into a nightmare. His friends and loved ones want him to retire and do something else. The doctor told advised him to retire as well, because two torn ACL is just too much.

Out comes Bobby Roode with a mock look of concern. He calls Sabin’s story sad and seeing him in crutches here is downright pathetic. He says all the X-Division wrestlers are the same – they risk it all and get no reward. At Destination X, the poster boy of the division is going to do the same – put it all on the line, get no reward and have his career ended just like this. He the proceeds to knock one of Sabin’s crutches from under him and attacks his bad knee. Sabin tries to kick back with his good leg, but can’t hit him. Out comes Double A and chases Roode off.

Match 2: X-Divsion qualifier: Dakota Darson vs Flip Cassanova
Flip Cassanova wins with a vertical splash.

Brooke Tessmacher is backstage with Tara. She says she’ll beat Gail Kim next week just like she would have beaten her tonight, but instead she has a tag team match with her best friend Tara. Tara tells her how proud she makes all the Knockouts and they hug it out.

We get a look at Taeler Hendrix on Gut Check.

Match 3: Tara and Brooke Tessmacher vs Madison Rayne and Gail Kim
Clean win for Tara and Brooke after Brooke pins Madison.

James Storm talks about his loss to Roode and how he’s done living in the past. He respects Hardy, but that won’t pay his bills. He’s going to bring it all because he knows Hardy will do the same.

Out comes AJ Styles to address Daniels’ allegations. He goes over how all of Daniels’ evidence about the affair with Dixie turned out to be false. Now Daniels is trying to accuse him of being the father of Lynch’s kid and he just doesn’t get it. Out come Kaz and Daniels and Kaz says that Styles doesn’t get it, but he does get junkie whores pregnant. Even last week, after Kaz busted his redneck skull with a steel chair, he still doesn’t realize the severity of the situatiuon. AJ Styles says he’s going to get his redneck hands on Kaz and rip his throat out. Daniels says he has proof, but Styles doesn’t want to hear it. He knows that it’s not about him and Dixie or him and Claire, it’s about him and Daniels. Daniels wanted a match at last year’s Destination X and proved what a jealous prick he is when AJ’s hand was raised in victory. This year AJ is requesting a match and it’s Last Man Standing so he can shut Daniels up once and for all.

Hogan is backstage with some staff as some unknown guy (most probably related to the attack on Sting) drops an envelope on his desk. Hogan opens the envelope and sees 5 cards taped to a piece of paper. There are two aces, two 8s, one card face down and a message that they will see Hogan next week.

Match 4: X-Divsion qualifier – Kenny King vs Lars Only
Kenny King gets the win.

Christie Hemme catches up with King after the match to ask him how it feels to be going to Destination X. King says that at Destination X, a King will be crowned.

Video package for tonight’s main event – Hardy vs Storm.

We get an Austin Aries vignette about how he was 150lbs when he debuted. He didn’t get the job by being 6’4, he got it by doing what needs to be done to get ahead. While Roode has been winning with beer bottles, Aries has been winning with brainbusters. He’s never satisified with his accomplishments, he treats them as a stepping stone for bigger things.

Aries is in the back hugging it out with King. King says he wants to follow in Aries’ footsteps and Aries tells him that if he wrestles like he has tonight, he’ll be a champion before too long.

More hype for Hardy vs Storm and a look at the BFG Series, with Storm in the lead.

Main Event – BFG Series: James Storm vs Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy gets the win with a Twist of Fate, with a mutual show of respect afterwards.

Out comes Hulk Hogan ro an amazing reaction. He thanks the fans for the reaction and is about to call AA out here, but Bobby Roode comes out instead. Hogan says he wanted Aries, but Roode tells him he’s the real world champion. The only reason Aries has a title shot is because of him. Just like all his empty promises to the audience and the locker room, Option C will be a failure. Out comes Aries and tells Roode this is a recurring theme with Roode- he comes out, whines and thinks he can run the show. Option A for Aries is to go baockstage and give the title to Hogan another time. Option B is to hang on to it till Sunday. Option C is to finish what they started last week, with Roode making Aries leave his ring. They get ready to get into it, but Roode says Aries isn’t worth it. Aries picks up the mic, turns to face Hulk and repeats what Roode just said. Roode tries to blindside AA with the TNA title, but Aries ducks and hits him with X-Division title. As Roode is on the floor, Aries poses with both titles.

TNA Impact Wrestling goes to credits.