TNA Impact Wrestling July 26 2012 – stream, download, results

TNA Impact Wrestling July 26 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling starts off with a recap of what’s been happening the last couple of weeks – Claire Lynch revealing AJ as the father of her child with photos of that night, as well as Aces and Eights attacking Hogan, Sting, Aries, Roode and Angle.

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TNA Impact Wrestling July 26 2012 results continued

Out comes Sting. He talks about the state Hogan is in after the attack and says that Dixie put him in charge tonight. He says he’s alone and calls the masked men out.

Instead he gets Austin Aries, who reminds him that they jumped the World Heavyweight Champion. When you do that, you’re making a statement and if they show up tonight, Aries is going to make a statement of his own. Kurt Angle comes out and says they tried to take away his chances at winning the World Heavyweight Title, so he wants payback.

Out comes Bobby Roode and says he knows who the man behind the attacks is. It’s someone who’s been in the title picture for about a year and is jealous of Roode and everyone else in the ring. It’s none other than James Storm.

Speak of the devil, James Storm jumps Roode from behind and they brawl it out as Sting, Aries and Angle look on. Angle then holds Storm back as Roode makes his escape, saying the truth hurts. We then go to footage of Roode backstage pissed off that everyone is questioning him. He knows Storm better than anyone. If nobody wants to believe him, he’s out of here.

We get a recap of Madison’s infatuation with Earl Hebner

Match 1: Tara and Mickie James vs Madison Rayne and Gail Kim
Kim and Rayne get the win after Mickie rolls Kim up, but gets counted 123 by Hebner. Tara and Mickie are shocked.

Sting is backstage with Aries. He wants Aries to handle the X-Division and make some cuts because Sting is busy with Aces and Eights. Aries reluctantly agrees and says he’s gonna take care of the masked men as well after the X-Division business is handled.

Sam Shaw vignette for Gut Check.

Hype video for Chavo Guerrero’s debut, with Hernandez, Angle, Kid Kash, Gunner and Bully Ray weighting in.

Match 2: Gut Check – Sam Shaw vs Doug Williams
Williams wins the competitive match with the Chaos Supplex. During the match we see Joey Ryan cheap shot Al Snow and run for it. The distraction is built up as the reason Shaw lost.

Aries is backstage with Sonjay Dutt, Rashad Cameron, Dakota Darsow and Kenny King. They all give Aries their reasons why they shouldn’t be cut. Aries cuts Rashad Cameron.

Teaser for Chavo, whose debut is up next.

Chavo makes his way to the ring is street clothes. He puts over TNA, saying this is where he should have been the last few years. He’s very humbled to be allowed in this ring. He says the Guerrero family is about conquering and being champions and this is the only company where they haven’t done so. He sees hungry talent in the locker room ready to steal the show every time. The wrestlers in this company are the best and that’s why he’s here – to beat the best. He wants everyone to remember this date because it’s Guerrero’s time.

Kid Kash and Gunner come out. Kash questions Chavo being a wrestling legend and his family being wrestling royalty. He asks Chavo where his family is and Chavo points to the fans. Kash says he doesn’t care about a bunch of government supported idiots. He asks Chavo if his family are too old or too drunk.

Chavo nails Kash but gets double teamed by him and Gunner. Hernandez comes out for the save before him and Chavo beat Kash and Gunner back. The two then hug it out.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Storm. He asks him if there is any truth to what Roode said. Storm says Angle knows first hand that when Storm has a problem, he gets in the person’s face. Angle asks if Storm has their back if Aces and Eights strike again and Storm says he does. Angle walks off but the camera stays focused on Storm’s face.

The Gut Check judges talk about Sam Shaw. Taz and Pritchard have good things to say, but Snow is pissed off at Ryan because he didn’t get to see the whole match.

Recap of the AJ/Clair storyline

Match 3: BFG Series – AJ Styles vs James Storm
The match is thrown away after Aces and Eights jump Styles, but not Storm.

After the commercial break, an interviewer asks Storm why the masked men didn’t jump him. Storm grabs the interviewer, calls him a son of a bitch and says he doesn’t need help to kick anyone’s ass.

Sam Shaw and the GC judges are in the ring. Shaw says that even though he came up a little short, he still has drive and determination, which is why he deserves to be part of TNA. Al Snow says that unfortunately he didn’t get to see all of Shaw’s match because of Joey Ryan. He wants nothing more than to stick it to him and say yes, but he has to say no. Pritchard doesn’t disagree with Al Snow, but he thought Shaw did a hell of a job, so he says yes. Shaw then tells Taz he wanted to show the same determination he did in ECW in 1999. He wants to learn from the best. Taz praises his athleticism, but reprimands him for taking his eyes off the ball. Still, the answer is yes and Shaw is the newest member of the roster.

Aries is once against backstage with the X-Division guys, asking them to tell him why they want to compete tonight. Sonjay Dutt talks about dislocating his shoulder twice and almost winning. Darsow says he isn’t pretty or flashy, but gets the job done. Aries says the X-Division is sometimes about being pretty and flashy. Since Darsow is very emotional with the whole Sorensen thing, he is cut. Darsow storms off.

Zema Ion comes to the ring and Aries cuts Sonjay Dutt because the doctors aren’t sure about his shoulders. Kenny King gets the title shot.

Match 4: X-Division title – Kenny King vs Zema Ion
Ion retains after an interference by Bobby Roode.

Roode says he is the It Factor and can take chances away. Aries gets in the ring and they brawl.

Bully Ray is backstage. He says he’s not worried about A&E because they’d have to be stupid to mess with him. He doesn’t need to beat them to get the BFG points. He’s going to get them because even though Angle is the best wrestler in the world, Bully is the one man who can run right through him.

Match 5: BFG Series – Kurt Angle vs Bully Ray
Angle gets the win with the Olympic Slam.

Aces and Eights hit the ring and attack Angle as Bully rolls out. Styles, Sting and Aries jump in for the save with a huge brawl ensuing. A&E leave the ring as soon as they see Storm comes out, leaving everyone to argue with him about what just happened as TNA Impact Wrestling goes off the air.