TNA Impact Wrestling July 12 2012 – stream, download, results

This week’s episodeof TNA Impact Wrestling starts with a look back at Austin Aries winning the title at Destination X, the BFG series and the feud between Bully Ray and Joseph Park. And speak of the devil…

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TNA Impact Wrestling July 12 2012


Match 1: Street Fight – Bully Ray vs Joseph Park
Bully wins after busting park open with his chain.

Upon seeing blood, Park goes into a trance and hits Bully with a Black Hole Slam before reverting back to his normal self.

Sting is backstage with the cards Hogan got last week. He knows it’s the Dead Man’s Hand and we’ll see what that’s all about later tonight.

Bully Ray is backstage demanding who was in the ring with him. He knows he beat Joseph Park, but he doesn’t believe Park did THAT to him.

Match 2: BFG Series – Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe
RVD gets the win with a small package as Joe drags him in the middle of the ring for a submission hold. Joe is still first in the series, while RVD is tied with Magnus for 5th

Hogan is backstage saying that if someone wants to threaten him, he and Sting are here.

We go to Claire Lynch showing up at the Impact Zone. The cameraman runs up to harass her and she asks him to leave her alone. She hasn’t spoken to Dixie and she’ll say what she has to say later.

Daniels and Kazarian make their way to the ring as we take a look at the Last Man Standing match from Destination X. Kaz congratualtes AJ Styles on the win and says this was only the first verse, the chorus is yet to come. Daniels says he can hear people booing Styles because of his actions last week. He says AJ will do anything to hide the truth, so he asks Claire to come to the ring. She makes her way down the ramp and Kazarian helps her get in. Daniels says he sympathizes with her because she hit rock bottom and was looking for any hand she could grab on to. Out comes AJ Styles and says he’s surprised that Daniels can still stand and talk after Destination X. He says this story was over weeks ago, but Daniels says he had a talk with Claire and he wants her to tell everyone what she told him. AJ says this has nothing to do with her, but she jumps in and says Daniels is right – AJ is the father. Styles looks surprised as we go to commercial.

We see the cameraman chasing after AJ backstage asking for comments on the bombshell that was just dropped. Styles is pissed off and says he doesn’t know.

Anderson is backstage talking about his respect for Kurt Angle.

We see a recap of Zema Ion winning the X-Division title and taunting Jesse Sorensen about his broken neck. We then go backstage to Dakota Darsow, who’s really pissed off at Ion for the comments.

Match 3: Dakota Darsow vs Zema Ion
Zema Ion wins with a Gory Bomb.

After the match, Ion puts Darsow into an exotic submission hold. Afterwards he says that if that crippled jackass Jesse Sorensen wants his friends to stop getting hurt, he should realize that Ion isn’t just effin pretty, but also pretty effin dangerous.

We get a recap of Austin Aries winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X. Out comes the new champ and says he had a great week and how great it feels to be the champ. He’s been getting phone calls and texts from celebrities and champions in other companies. He says a championship is only as important as the person holding it. He’s the champion of the best wrestling promotion in the world, which means the TNA Title is the most important pro wrestling title in the world. The crowd is going nuts for him and out comes Bobby Roode. Aries says he can’t come out here whenever he wants anymore and asks him what he wants. Roode is so angry he can’t get the right words to come out, except for “fluke”. Aries has 3 for him – New World Champion.

Sting and Hogan are backstage and it’s almost time for them to handle the assailant business. Devon and Garrett Bischoff show up and say they’ve got their back if needed. Hogan and Sting say they appreciate it, but they’ve got this. Garret and Devon say they can trust them and walk off.

Angle is backstage, saying that if he can beat Anderson in the BFG Series tonight,he can win the whole thing.

We get a recap of last week when Madison Rayne got on top of Earl Hebner. They appear to be a good match Р they both love wrestling and keep themselves in shape.

Balls Deep joins Taz and Tenay on the commentary.

Match 4: Knockouts TItle – Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher
Tessmacher wins with a flying elbow.

The cameraman is still chasing Claire around backstage, looking for dirt. She says we will see her proof soon enough. She hopes AJ will do the right thing because he knows more about her than anyone.

Brutus Magnus talks about getting a big win at Open Fight Night next week.

Match 5: BFG Series – Kurt Angle vs Ken Anderson
Kurt Angle wins with a Hacker Slam. He moves up to third place in the BFG series after Storm and Joe.

Bobby Roode is backstage with Sting and Hogan. He tells Hogan they need to talk. Sting heads to the ring while Hogan promises Roode a rematch at Hardcore Justice. That’s not soon enough for Roode, so Hogan suggests Roode calls him out for a non-title match next week at Open FIght Night. If he can get the win next week, it should be easy at the PPV.

Sting comes out to the ring to talk about his attackers. He calls Hogan out, but he doesn’t show. Instead, we see a bloody Hogan laid out backstage on the tron. Sting goes to help, but is jumped by 7 unidentified guys on his way up the ramp as TNA Impact Wrestling goes off the air.