Things You Didn’t Know About CM Punk And AJ Lee


One thing both CM Punk and AJ Lee have in common is that they loved Lita. Okay, so maybe they don’t love her the same way, but both have their own history with the former WWE Women’s Champion. AJ Lee famously met Lita in 2001, with the encounter being recorded for the world to see.

Lee seemed poised to follow directly in her favorite wrestler’s footsteps and pretty much has…including getting into a relationship with CM Punk. In fact Punk actually broke up with Lita to get with Lee in 2013, causing heat between Lee and her former idol.

After news broke of the Punk and Lee’s relationship, a cartoon began to circulate around the WWE locker room of Lee pretending to be Lita in bed with Punk. Needless to say, this didn’t help things in an already tense environment.