Things You Didn’t Know About CM Punk And AJ Lee


So CM Punk being fired on his wedding day is probably the most well known fact in the Punk/WWE saga. After leaving the company following 2014’s Royal Rumble, Punk made it known that he would not be returning to the WWE. Although Vince McMahon tearfully hugged Punk goodbye, he didn’t acknowledge Punk’s absence to shareholders, instead calling his departure a “sabbatical”.

After McMahon realized that Punk was not returning, the former WWE Champion claims that the company intentionally sent him his termination papers on June 13, 2014; Punk and Lee’s wedding day. Coincidentally both Punk and McMahon were doing podcasts around a similar time that this news came out (The Art of Wrestling and The Stone Cold Podcast respectively), creating an instant ‘he said she said’.

McMahon denied having any knowledge of the wedding date, and “apologized” for the timing. Punk argued that wrestlers took off to attend his wedding, so there was no way McMahon couldn’t have known. Who you choose to believe is on you.