The Ten Silliest Wrestling Characters Of All Time

Can we be honest with each other? Professional wrestling can be extremely dumb at times.

It’s staged fights, promoted by carnival barkers, where dudes use razors to slice themselves open to bleed. It’s at times been centered around juvenile storylines like sex, money and power and is reviled by high society types and others with clout and authority. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff.

If I changed my name, Mark Jobbers would likely be an option, but with that being said, I know that a lot of professional wrestling is lowest common denominator sort of stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s a billion-dollar industry so who am I to judge?

As such, fans have been subjected to some pretty terrible characters over the years. I think any card-carrying member of the IWC will agree that Vince McMahon likes his show high on muscles and low on IQ.

Think about how many stupid angles and characters we’ve been subjected to because the boss finds the most inane things entertaining. The perfect writers in Mr. McMahon’s eyes probably spent time at MAD Magazine.

But Vinny Mac isn’t the only promoter who came up with some terrible ideas. Here’s a look at the 10 stupidest wrestling characters of all-time.


What a stupid character this was. Imagine Kane as a dentist and there you have it! Even more ridiculous was the fact that Yankem, again a DENTIST character, had a mouth full of gnarly teeth. Why in the world would anyone think a wrestling dentist would get over in any way, good or bad?

No wonder the WWE was on its last legs in the mid-90s getting crushed by WCW. As terrible as the Yankem character was on paper, in the ring he was nearly as bad. He lost 82 of his 107 matches, his final one on television being a defeat at the hands of the Ultimate Warrior in 1996.

Yankem’s character was later dropped and Glenn Jacobs took on another persona, which may be even dumber than the dentist, the new Diesel. Now that I think about it, give me the dentist over the fake any day of the week.