The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

3. Naomi Knight

Real Name: Trinity McCray

Born: 1987, Sanford, Florida

Bio: If you are looking for the perfect WWE Diva with curves, look no further.Without a doubt one of the hottest WWE Divas ever, Naomi provides the fans all of the charisma they could ask for. She has such the perfect curves that seem to be craftily placed, that the WWE have designed her special wrestling moves to focus around her butt in some way, hence her special move, β€œThe Rear View.”

Although many of the other Divas are hot in every specific way, no one has curves like Naomi. At 5’5” she has all of the proportions that WWE fans love to look at, despite not being overly tall. In 2012 she made her way onto the main ring via the Funkadactyls and Cameron Lynn, and since then Naomi has helped transform the WWE Diva universe.

Naomi has been featured in several different storylines, including recently teaming up with the Bella Twins as a team. It takes a certainly level of confidence and hotness to hang around with the Bella Twins, and Naomi has that in large amounts. Naomi gets plenty of exposure as one of the main personalities on the show Total Divas and continues to show the world how hot she really is. It does not seem as though Naomi will be going anywhere any time soon and that she will continue to be a hot focus in the WWE universe.