The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

6. Dana Brooke

Real Name: Ashley Mae Sebera

Born: 1988, Seven Hills, Ohio

Bio: Hot, hot hot. Dana Brooke offers everything you could ask for in a hot WWE Diva. In addition to being signed by WWE, Dana Brooke is also a bodybuilder, fitness competitor, and model. She is without a doubt that quintessential blonde bombshell.

Usually appearing with that perfect playmate platinum blonde hair, she stands out as the perfect personification of every teenage boy’s dreams. At 5’3” and around 125 lbs, she has all of the right measurements in all the right places.

Only debuting in 2014 in Ohio Valley Wrestling, she has been developing and improving in NXT and will certainly make heads sway when she finally makes her move on to the main stage. There is no reason to not expect that when Dana Brooke gets more character development that she makes it higher on this list.

No doubt she has the looks, clearly, but adding a little more touch to her attitude here and there may go a long way. They don’t call her the “Total Diva” without reason.