The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

7. Emma

Real Name: Tenile Averil Dashwood

Born: 1989, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bio: Emma is certainly an upcoming wrestler that fans should continue to keep both eyes on, not just because of her talents, but because she is stunningly beautiful. She debuted in 2007 in Australia and Canada. Being Australian, one can help but imagine her wild fun nature in a slimming bikini playing on the beach somewhere.

Emma is that perfect dirty blonde, tanned skin, gorgeous girl that is certainly hot enough to be in a WWE ring. She gives off a sense of natural beauty that is sometimes rare to see in a WWE ring. At 5’5” and 132 lbs, she has all the proportions that many WWE fans find so utterly attractive.

She recently has had an up and down transition from NXT, to the main roster, back to NXT, but she will undoubtedly gain valuable training to improve her wrestling. However when it comes down to her hotness, there is no doubt that she is well deserving of the main stage.