The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

8. Cameron Lynn

Real Name: Ariane Nicole Andrew

Born: 1987, Los Angeles, California

Bio: Cameron Lynn is a singer, model, and dancer, on top of being a signed to the WWE. Cameron Lynn is one of the few WWE Divas and find success to come out of the hit reality WWE TV show Tough Enough, despite being the first one eliminated. Cameron also appeared as one half of the popular tag team group, “The Funkadactyls,” and she quickly gained popularity alongside her teammate Naomi Knight.

Another member of the very popular Total Divas television show, she continues to demonstrate how hot looks both in the ring and out of it. Despite only havingbeen in the WWE for a few years, she continues to create her mark on the scene. Whether you like a girl who looks cute or sexy, Cameron has been known to pull off both styles. She seems to always wear the perfect outfits that are usually skirts and really show off her features. There really is nothing to dislike about Cameron, and she is certainly one of the hottest WWE Divas out there.