The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

9. Becky Lynch

Real Name: Rebecca Quin

Born: 1987, Dublin, Ireland

Bio: Becky Lynch gives a hot injection of that Irish charm into the WWE universe. Currently portraying some form of steampunk chic, her beautiful red hair and amazing features really makes you want to take a trip to experience what the rest of Ireland has to offer.

Becky originally debuted in the ring as Rebecca Knox in Ireland and later France and Canada before entering the WWE arenas. She is now exiting NXT and slowly entering into the main storylines of the WWE. At 5’6” and 135, Becky is perfectly situated to give that hot steamy performance that she provides over and over again. She truly is a stunning woman and looks just as good in a dress as she does in the ring. Not to mention, she can really kick some butt.

Gingers all over can be proud and raise her up as her queen, as there is finally a redhead to rival the attractiveness of Lita! Any fan that has that red headed fantasy should defiantly have her included in it.