The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

1. Paige

Real Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis

Born: 1992, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Bio: The best of the best, Paige is without considered by many to be the future face of the WWE Divas, and what a beautiful face it is. With her long black flowing hair and her gothic/punk/alternative attire she certainly gives off that “bad girl with an innocent personality” vibe. She offers more than just a hot body and amazing looks, she gives fans the opportunity to walk on the wild side! Not to mention she actually is a very talented wrestler. As one of the main personalities on the WWE owned show Total Divas, she demonstrates to the world routinely that she has so much to offer the world than just wrestling.

Paige actually can come off as funny, thoughtful and seems to be the perfect package for many a fan’s expectations. She began wrestling in 2005 at the age of 13, but did not make it into the WWE until 2012 where she started in NXT and then made her way to the current active roster. Paige is the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Championship, and actually held that and the WWE title at the same time for a brief moment.

Hailing from England she also has that added bonus of an attractive foreign accent, assuming you are not from England! As one of the youngest, hottest, and most charismatic WWE Divas to have ever graced the ring, there is no doubt that she will continue to be the main attraction for years to come.