The Sexiest WWE Divas Under 30

The WWE has forever had some of the most beautifully confident and strong women on the planet.

Time and time again these women have demonstrated some rare characteristics that seem to be missing from any other female celebrity. Not only are they tough enough to bang around in the ring with giants, but these women maintain a level of hotness that rivals super models and playmates (and sometimes, they are models and playmates!)

To say that these WWE Divas are anything short of stunningly gorgeous is an understatement to say the least. Every WWE Diva is carefully selected to ensure that they are compatible with their roles as WWE stars, both physically and personality wise. These women train for many years in the ring to develop their physical skills, and it just so happens that you need to be in good shape to be a wrestler. In addition, they take character developmental classes that teach them how to become the hot, alluring characters that they portray so well.

WWE Divas are not hot just because of their physical appearance, but as you are about to read, sometimes for the persona that they portray on screen. Their ability to play the young hot rebel or stern business type gives way to our image of the perfect woman and really does play into many men’s fantasies.

These lovely ladies have the ability to attract fans with every tool at their disposal, and they use them expertly. No matter how you slice it, these women are one of a kind, and they’re still under 30!!

10. Alicia Fox

Real Name: Victoria Elizabeth Crawford

Born: 1986, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Bio: In addition to being in the WWE, Alicia Fox has spent time as both an actress and a model. Alicia Fox debuted in 2006 and worked with Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling prior to strutting her stuff in the WWE arenas. Alicia is one of the few African-American divas in the WWE, and in 2010 became the very first African American Diva to win the Championship in WWE history. Fox successfully defended her title for 2 months.

She continues to remain in central storylines throughout the WWE universe. With her tall frame, she certainly gives the fans everything that could ask for in a diva. At 5’9” at 120 lbs, Alicia is that perfect example of slim length often found in models of the highest caliber. For those that love the long legs that seem to go on forever, Fox’s seems to go any further than that! Her WWE outfits also don’t hide her beauty!