The Most Impressive WWE Superstar Homes

As anyone might assume, being a professional wrestler comes with some good and some bad (just like any other A-lister or famous face).

A grueling schedule year round is part of the bad that most wrestlers have to endure throughout their years in the profession. Additionally, the amount of travel wrestlers go through over the course of a given year certainly wares on them after a while, and living out of a suitcase surely doesn’t make anything easier. Although, after all the strain comes the perks.

The rewarding part for most WWE superstars is getting the opportunity to head home for a couple of days, and for most of these professional wrestlers, home is a beautiful place where luxury and relaxation are essential (and yes, they have the salary to afford it).

This article will take a look at 10 former and current WWE superstars and their current homes (home is actually an understatement in these 10 cases). It’ll be pretty evident to see judging by their houses, why for all of them, there’s really no place like home!

10) CM Punk

One thing CM Punk isn’t complaining about these days is his beautiful condo in his home of Chicago. In 2010, Punk purchased a customized five bedroom home in Chicago for $2.15 million.

This modern residence includes a two-story living room, a movie theater room, an office with tiger-wood flooring, a master bedroom with heated floors, a Jacuzzi tub, a family room with a playroom loft, a wine cellar and a three-car garage.

The decor of the condo is spectacular, keeping up with a modern theme. In addition, Punk also collects rent from a tattoo studio that operates out of an 800 square foot space on the first floor; definitely a pretty good living space for the former WWE champion.