The Most Devastating Injuries In WWE

Injuries are one of wrestling’s inevitable problems, even at the highest level, as injuries can be caused by the simplest of things.

Last year was one of WWE’s worst years to date in terms of time lost to injury, with plenty of superstars spending time on treatment table at one time and some of them are still currently fighting their way back to fitness.

Some injuries are career threatening, these can be some of the smallest problems that when looked at by a professional, turn out to be a much bigger threat.

But some injuries can be life threatening, Rey Mysterio was involved in a match for AAA in Mexico back in 2015 and following his trademark 619, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo seemed to slump down into the mat before medics were called in and it was announced that he had tragically passed away.

Accidents in wrestling have become common place; it’s a sport where you are aiming to make it look like you hurt your opponent so it isn’t that much of a shock that sometimes the competitors end up being injured for real.

Below is a list of superstars who were injured while performing last year.

10. Sheamus – Arm and Neck

The Celtic Warrior (Sheamus) has been out of WWE for a long time and WWE fans are enthusiastic to receive reports of his comeback in the upcoming weeks. The Celtic Warrior was injured in a match with The Big Show and tells about injury “a leftward cervical neurapraxia (stinger in arm), bone spurring, tapering of the spinal canal and tightening of the nerve canals with the nerve density in his neck.”

Sheamus had surgical treatment to comfort the nerve and spinal compression and soon will back in WWE.