The Hottest WWE Divas Without Makeup


A former model, actress, dancer, and cheerleader, Stacy entered into the wrestling business when she was hired by WCW after winning a contest to become the latest Nitro Girl. Soon used in a larger role for the company, she served as the valet of Lenny Lane, Lodi, David Flair, and Shawn Stasiak while taking part in a few “matches” including one with mud wrestling.

After her contract was bought by WWE in their purchase of WCW, she served as one of the few women who were a part of The Alliance during the ill-fated invasion angle. Working for the company for five years, she feuded with women like Torrie Wilson and Sable and managed men like The Dudley Boyz, Test, and Scott Steiner before leaving.

Known by the public at large as the former girlfriend of George Clooney and one of the finalists in a Dancing with the Star’s season, she has arguably become the most famous woman to work for the WWE.

Seen here out and about on what appears to be a cold night, she may not have been planning to have her photo taken. She doesn’t look happy it is happening, but she still looks great.