The Hottest WWE Divas Without Makeup


Someone who auditioned to take part in the Divas search, alongside her sister, the pair was shockingly not picked to compete on WWE TV. Still signed to developmental contracts, once she was promoted to the main roster, it was obvious that she and her sister were seen as eye candy as they spent years on the arms of other talents and Guest Hosts.

Finally given a chance at competing in-ring, she managed to get a run with the Divas champion and served as the face of the company’s women division alongside her sister for several years. Cast as the lead figures in the WWE “reality show” Total Divas, the show largely focuses on their interactions with their peers and Brie’s marriage to WWE megastar Daniel Bryan.

Seen her in what appears to be a robe, at the side of her husband, the pair seem to be giving us a look at their intimate time together, something stars of a “reality show” have to used to by now. Looking as though she just exited a pool or shower, her features are every bit as striking as we’ve ever seen them.