The Hottest WWE Divas Without Makeup


A gorgeous woman whose WWE career came to an unceremonious end, the person who was once known as Maxine could have made a huge mark on the company under different circumstances. A huge part of Lucha Underground since its debut, she has proven that she can expertly play a character if given the chance she felt wasn’t coming in the WWE.

Rumored to have asked for her release from Vince McMahon’s company after several of the aspects of the character she’d created were handed to a fellow employee, Aksana, if true, they bet on the wrong performer. Anyone who has seen her work in her new company can attest that she is a very capable performer.

Seen here beside a cardboard cut-out of her Lucha Underground character, Catrina, the photo could be used to exemplify how she looks made up and not. An enchanting woman who seems incapable of looking bad, her natural looks and that sexy gaze are absolutely enthralling.