The Hottest WWE Divas Without Makeup


Someone who was hired by the WWE simply because she is really hot, she was added to the main cast of Total Divas from the moment she was employed, despite zero experience.

Remaining a part of that show to this day, she has been the source of anger for her peers because they feel she didn’t try to improve in the ring for too long. Finally seeming to be truly trying to become an actual worker in the last year, she spent some time in NXT and even appeared as a part of last year’s WrestleMania.

There are few women in the wrestling world who have more depended on their image, which is why seeing Eva out of makeup is so shocking. She doesn’t look much different than typical but considering her look has the WWE looking at her as a future star, you’d think she’d be shy to alter her appearance.

The fact that this snap originated from a shot taken for Total Divas explains her choice a little more, we suppose.