The Hottest WWE Divas Without Makeup


One of the best all-around talents in the history of the WWE Women’s Division, Mickie has proven that she deserves the spotlight again and again. Entering the company by playing a stalker obsessed with Trish Stratus, the resulting feud set up a match between the talented pair at WrestleMania that may be the best women’s match at Mania or even in company history.

Working for the WWE for seven years total, she would have feuds with women like Lita, Melina, Victoria, Beth Phoenix and many others during her tenure. Ultimately leaving the WWE after she was shockingly and stupidly released in 2010,she would go on to work for companies like AAA, Global Force Wrestling and most notably TNA, who were lucky enough to have her for many years.

Seen here in what appears to be a mug shot quality picture, Mickie could be a victim of the harsh lighting, lack of makeup and unflattering angle. Instead, she manages to give us a view of the tenacity that made her so good and looks that made her look great no matter what.