The Hottest Moms In Pro Wrestling

Motherhood – regarded as the silent killer in the world of pro wrestling.

Becoming a mom has created various scenarios in the past. For some, a maternity leave caused a release, while others decided to leave the company themselves. Rosa Mendes recently became a rare case of a WWE employee that was actually able to leave the company on a maternity leave (a rarity). This just goes to show how the company is evolving today. The old WWE would have probably released her. Instead, Mendes is enjoying motherhood and looking forward to an in-ring return in the future.

Sad to say, but wrestling is a lot about looks. Once they fade, your time may come to an end on the big stage. Despite the fact that these 10 former wrestling stars became mothers, they still look fantastic today, and you can judge for yourself in this article. So, let’s find out who these hot moms are. Here are 10 of the hottest moms in pro wrestling history. Enjoy!

10. Candice Michelle

Set to turn 38 in late September, Candice is currently enjoying her time away from the ring as a mother of three daughters; AkiAnne Rose, Ryumi Grace and just recently in July of 2015, Aloha Von. The former WWE Diva has been married since 2005 to her husband Ken Gee Ehrlich, who is a certified Chiropractor.

The couple is currently residing out of Los Angeles, California. Candice is still active in the wrestling community today, appearing in several conventions across the United States. Her memorabilia is actually still quite the hit despite leaving the WWE 7 years ago.