The Hottest Models who Turned into WWE Divas

WWE has signed up a huge number of models over the past decade. They mostly did this through Diva Search contests, then later attempted to convert them into in-ring wrestling athletes.

The main logic behind this move was that it would be easier to turn an already photogenic woman into a wrestler as opposed to turning women wrestlers into swimsuit models. The outcome of this experiment has been a little bit patchy, with a few successes such as Rosa Mendes. But some girls just aren’t cut out to take severe bumps or get thrown around the ring for entertainment.

However, it would be a bit unfair to assume that WWE’s strategy hasn’t churned out any good wrestlers. With that in mind, here are 10 WWE Divas Who Had Successful Modelling Careers.

10. Alexa Bliss

She is Smackdown’s newest female who came from NXT, and was once a model. She’s done a lot of modeling for fitness magazines, and was also in competitive bodybuilding. Alexa Bliss has always been active in sports and fitness and once cited Trish Stratus as a great inspiration in her career.

Bliss also confessed that her bodybuilding passion helped her overcome a nasty eating disorder while she was young. She’s recently been on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Her’s magazine. With her quirky and cute personality, Bliss is destined for greatness in WWE.