The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

2. Matt Hardy & Lita

This kiss has obviously become tarnished in retrospect by the earlier mentioned affair with Lita and Edge, however at the time it was a big deal.

WWE had been running this angle where a sleazy Dean Malenko had been attempting to trick Lita into sleeping with him, whereas the plucky and spirited Lita was fighting from the bottom, determined she could beat him in a match.

Eventually Lita, who was at the peak of her popularity with the fans at this time, succeeded in beating Malenko in a match, thanks to outside interference from Hardy, whom kissed her in the heat of the moment after the bout. Pretending to be ashamed, he left only for Lita to follow and lay a full-blown smacker on his lips, complete with a nicely timed cue of their entrance music!

At this time, their real-life relationship was still very new, meaning this kiss carried a lot of raw emotion which transmitted onto the screen. You could really sense the lust behind this kiss and even those who didn’t know, knew it was real. It’s just a shame that it obviously didn’t last.