The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

3. Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson

In spite of increasingly liberal times and mentalities, WWE has yet to attempt their hand at a proper homosexual relationship, male or female. They did, however, around 2002-03 push feminine exploitation to the edge by having girl-on-girl make out sessions- such as “Hot Lesbian Action”- for little other reason than to give the pubescent males a shot of adrenaline in the nether regions.

In late 2002, they took this to a whole new level with an infamous storyline between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie which saw Marie begin a false relationship with Wilson’s real-life father Al as blackmail to convince Torrie to sleep with her! When she refused, Dawn developed ‘genuine’ feelings for Al and the pair were married! She then rode him to a heart attack on their honeymoon. If only we were making this up!

The high-point of this long feud occurred at Armageddon 2002, in which Marie released footage of the two women in a hotel room, showing herself slowly seducing a reluctant Wilson. It concluded with a steamy kiss which caused half the viewing males’ hearts to do moonsaults in their chests!

On the borderlines of censorship, WWE cut the footage off at this point and Al Wilson cut a promo. The fans in live attendance didn’t care for this manoeuvre.