The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

5. John Cena & Maria Kanellis

This kiss was one of those one-shot kisses out of nowhere done for little other reason than to make both Cena and Maria look hot and desirable. It was the sequel to another one of a similar mold you’ll see in a moment!

When Maria first came into WWE, following her participation in the 2004 WWE Diva search, she was given a gimmick that was both different and fun but limiting. She portrayed this dizzy, airhead backstage interviewer, usually used in comedy skits and as a way for a heel to gain some cheap heat. The problem was that Maria herself was one of WWE’s more expressive Divas of the time, not only sexy but good at selling it.

Paired with Cena in a mixed tag against Edge and Lita in 2006, WWE ran this angle that kick-started the change in Maria’s character, away from the airhead gimmick and towards a more mainstream, sexually charged role.

She would participate in Playboy in 2008, win the Diva of the Year Slammy in 2010 and become the poster girl for Summerslam too. Off of the back of this kiss, Maria proved she was marketable… for lack of a warmer term!