The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

6. Fandango & Layla

This particular kiss occurred only earlier this year, during the tiresome love triangle storyline between Layla, Fandango and his former valet Summer Rae. A storyline so cutting and relevant that WWE took Fandango off of TV afterwards and brought him back “new and improved” with… Rosa Mendes.

As tedious and boring as the storyline was, it wasn’t for the want of trying on the part of any of the three talents, particularly Fandango and Layla who went the full nine yards with this extremely long French Tickler (sorry Rene Dupree) after a match on Raw. It’s difficult to know exactly how much smoke and mirrors was going on with this effort due to the movement, but however legit this kiss actually was, the image was all that counted!

Also, JBL’s commentary was hilarious!