The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

7. Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth

Long before any of these other kisses had even seemed possible, real-life husband and wife Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth had been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

At Summerslam 1991 in Madison Square Garden, the pair had an on-screen wedding of their on-screen personas, themselves having been married a full seven years prior. As queer as it was to close Summerslam with a wedding ceremony, the genuine affection shown by Savage and Elizabeth made this unique segment work, the original pro-wrestling wedding.

The close of the ceremony saw a kiss from the groom and the bride as weddings do. It was a real kiss of very real warmth that probably bought their real marriage a few extra months.
They would divorce in the summer of 1992, amicably. Summerslam ’91 perhaps then stood as the final high-point in a decade long relationship.