The Hottest Kisses in WWE History


9. Edge & Lita

Lita is the only diva who appears on this list twice- once with her real-life boyfriend and other with the man she cheated on him with.

When WWE decided to convert Edge & Lita’s adulterous affair into an on-screen storyline in 2005, they did what WWE does best and pushed it into the stratosphere by having the most promiscuous on-screen pairing in WWE history. Edge and particularly Lita became the scantily clad, shameless, live sex celebration super-sluts of the world!

As part of this routine, they shared no end of over-the-top kisses, ranging from the absurdly awkward to the ridiculously unnecessary. Scattered here and there in-between were a few that got the balance right and tilted into the range of legitimately hot. You’ll find the best of them below.

Frankly, one was spoiled for choice.