The Hottest Kisses in WWE History

1. CM Punk & AJ Lee AND Daniel Bryan & AJ Lee

AJ Lee’s roster of men she’s kissed between 2010 and 2012 reads as long as Snoop Dogg’s rap sheet.

In chronological order, she has kissed: Cody Rhodes, Primo, Hornswoggle, Daniel Bryan (several times), Kane, CM Punk (twice, presumably more since), John Cena (twice) and Dolph Ziggler (several times).

The Punk, Bryan and AJ feud of 2012 was very well done and has only gotten better in retrospect. AJ with her on screen boyfriend and her future real life husband. Watching this scene back, in which AJ shares a very good kiss with Bryan, before sharing an even better one with Punk, one wonders when exactly the work became a shoot for Punk and AJ.

Considering Bryan’s budding relationship with Brie Bella which blossomed a couple of months prior too and you have a cauldron of life imitating art. They too, were married this year.

When Brie Bella kissed AJ recently at Survivor Series to cost her the Divas Title and the bitter Lee remarked “talent is not sexually transmitted”, the subtext was as thick as smog! With Total Divas essentially destroying what little was left of Kayfabe in our new Reality Era, the on-screen kisses we see have never carried more weight.

Which WWE kisses have set your soul alight and heart racing? Discuss any we may have missed in the comments below.