The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

2. Chyna/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

When Hunter Hearst Helmsley first introduced his massively muscled valet Chyna, the wrestling world had no idea the two were in a long-term relationship for years. A ground-breaking performer, Chyna became a massive star for the WWE in her own right. Then suddenly while holding the Women’s Championship, she disappeared without even dropping the belt, never to work for the McMahons again.

Though Stephanie and Trips have never spoken publicly about her departure, it seems reasonable to think that her exit from the company was linked to Triple H’s new squeeze. Chyna has confirmed that idea in several interviews, where she has said again and again that the two got together behind her back while she was still dating Hunter.

Although Jim Ross stated at the time that she asked for her release, whether that is true or not as she claimed, she was sent a fax saying she wasn’t needed – love interceded in a promising career.