The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

3. Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge

Matt Hardy and Lita were a part of a trio known as Team Xtreme, alongside Matt’s brother Jeff, during The Attitude Era. A time when wrestling was far more popular than it is today, Matt and Lita began dating both on and off screen, which led to their throngs of fans becoming very invested in their relationship.

When Matt suffered a severe knee injury that forced him to stay home and mend for nearly a year, Lita became closer to their mutual friend Edge, who she eventually cheated on Hardy with. One of the first wrestlers to truly embrace the internet, Matt had a website where many photos of the two appeared. When all traces of Lita were removed, fans asked why and before long, he told the full story of her infidelity, which was seen as unprofessional and since Edge was a bigger star, Matt was released. Outraged, fans never let the issue go and after months of chants dogging Edge and Lita, Matt was rehired and entered into a short feud with The Rated R Superstar that he lost and rejoined the roster.