The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

5. Kenn Doane/Mickie James/John Cena/Elizabeth Huberdeau

On television, John Cena plays the closest thing to a wrestling boy scout, the ultimate good guy who always sticks up for what is right; he portrays himself as a hero. Of course, in real life, holding his persona against him is silly but when reports surfaced that he may have cheated on his wife it had to be surprising to his fans that heard about it.

According to Kenn Doane, the former fiancée of the immensely talented female wrestler, Mickie James, she revealed to him that the she had cheated on him with Cena, who was married at the time. A member of The Spirit Squad at the time of the supposed tryst, Kenny isn’t the only person who says John cheated.

Other wrestlers have backed up his claims but most substantially, John’s own ex-wife in court papers asserted that she was approached by several people about his infidelity. Ultimately coming to an agreement outside of court, the details were never sussed out in a court of law but it seems pretty obvious that in this case the smoke was the result of a fire.