The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

6. Kurt Angle/Karen Angle/Jeff Jarrett

Kurt Angle is an amazing athlete and incredible entertainer who took to the pro wrestling world faster than pretty much anyone else. Unfortunately, the drive that made him so great came with a few consequences and after developing a drug habit he was released by the WWE to the shock of just about everyone. Almost immediately transitioning to TNA, he went to work alongside one of that company’s founders, Jeff Jarrett.

When Karen Angle, Kurt’s wife, joined him onscreen, it may have seemed like a great idea to him but having her spend so much time with the boys may not have worked out the way he envisioned. The exact timeline of events is not exactly clear but what is known is this. Kurt and Karen Angle got a divorce, Jeff Jarrett’s wife died of cancer and Jeff and Karen began sleeping together.

Before all of the events came to light, Dixie reportedly asked Jeff if he was sleeping with her biggest star’s ex-wife and he denied it. When the true nature of their relationship came to light, Jeff was sent home from the company he helped to create. In the years since the trio seems to have come to peace.