The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

8. Zahra Schreiber/Seth Rollins/Leighla Schultz

Considered one of the best wrestlers and all around performers in sports entertainment today, Seth Rollins spent several months in 2015 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a fact that may have surprised many due to his smaller stature as well as the controversy that took place on Twitter only a few months earlier.

First a photo of then NXT performer, Zahra Schreiber, was posted to Seth’s account before his then fiancée Leighla Schultz posted two totally revealing photos Seth to her own account. A few hours later, Rollins posted a public apology and amazingly walked away from the mess without any noticeable on-air repercussions. One of the more unlikely elements of the story was the fact that Schreiber’s nude photo appeared briefly on the official WWE webpage, since it automatically grabs and posts tweets put up by their stars.