The Biggest Love Scandals in Wrestling History

1. Hulk Hogan/Heather Clem/Bubba the Love Sponge

It has been years since Hulk Hogan was the man who said his prayers and ate his vitamins but not too long ago, he was still a very viable attraction. Today, his star quotient has taken a massive hit that all began when footage of him having sex with his friend’s wife was released. Hogan alleges he was recorded without his consent or knowledge; his dalliance was released to the public in the form of a short preview clip by

Embarrassed, The Hulkster managed to escape that controversy with his career intact but when he chose to sue the website he unwittingly started a countdown clock to his own implosion. It turned out that earlier on in the recording, Hulk uttered some truly racist and vile words that came to light in the run-up to the case. If Hulk’s account of the origin of the tape is real, we by no means blame him for filing suit but had he not taken part in the recording or gone to court, he likely would still be gainfully employed to this day.