The Biggest Divorce Stories in Pro Wrestling


This is a messy one. Kurt Angle married Karen Smedley in 1998, shortly after signing with the WWE. She remained off screen during the Olympic Hero’s run in WWE, but became an on screen talent when he began working for rival company TNA in 2007. The Angles’ first storyline in the company had Karen feuding with Kurt, threatening to divorce him due to emotional abuse.

Fast forward a year, and the storyline became a reality, with the two legitimately divorcing in 2008. Not long after the couple called it quits, rumors swirled regarding TNA’s founder Jeff Jarrett being romantically linked to Karen.

The timeline differs depending on who you ask, but many believe the two were linked since the death of Jarrett’s wife in 2007. Whether or not Jarrett and Angle’s ex-wife were together during their marriage, or not, the fact remains that TNA used this entire situation as storyline soon after.