The Biggest Divorce Stories in Pro Wrestling


Steve Austin may not have had as many championship runs as Ric Flair, but he has had as many marriages. Apparently being the hottest thing in wrestling can cause a few bumps in your relationship with your wife.

Austin’s first marriage to Kathryn Burrhus was short, about two years, and reportedly ended because he wanted to pursue a relationship with his on screen manager Jeannie Clark. Clark and Austin would marry the same year of his first divorce and go on to have two children together, with Austin also adopting Jade, a daughter from Clark’s previous marriage. The Hall of Famer also infamously gained the name “Stone Cold” due to his second marriage, when his wife used the phrase while serving him tea.

After eight years Austin and Clark divorced, and Stone Cold began a three year marriage with Debra Marshall. The couple’s relationship would play out on and off screen, but would end with Austin being charged with domestic abuse. The Texas Rattlesnake divorced Debra in February of 2003, and didn’t remarry until he met his current wife (Kristin) in 2009.