The Biggest Divorce Stories in Pro Wrestling

Anyone who travels extensively for their job is going to have a hard time keeping personal relationships healthy while on the road.

Athletes in particular are required to travel year round, often without their friends or family members. Wrestlers however, have it rougher than any of the major sports, due to the fact that they have no offseason. On average WWE Superstars are working five nights a week, traveling from city to city in between shows. Life on the road is hard, and success in the wrestling business, often results in unsuccessful marriages.

Divorce seems to be commonplace for many of the most successful superstars in wrestling history. When you really think about it, it does make sense for the top stars in the industry to have the worst marriages. Unless you are bringing your spouse with you all of the time (which can cause its own set of problems), top stars are always on the clock. The more time and energy you put into your career, the less you have to put into your personal life.

The more famous and successful that a wrestler becomes, the more chances they have of being tempted while out alone on the road. Temptation comes in a many forms, like being tempted to drink every night, tempted to use drugs when lonely, or the temptation to cheat on your significant other. Some of the stars on the road are able to avoid all of these, but more than a few have done them all, which has lead them down a path of personal destruction.

Today we are going to look at some of the stars of professional wrestling, who were not able to keep their marriages alive. The criteria and ranking for this list will be based on the star power of the wrestler, the amount of marriages they’ve gone through and the circumstances causing the end of their marriages.


Randy Orton and his former wife Samantha Speno filed for divorce in June of 2013 citing, the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. Although TMZ released details of the divorce, the WWE Superstar and his ex-wife remained friendly towards each other.

The biggest nugget in the TMZ story was the release of Orton’s salary, which was reported to be $291,666 per month. Samantha, who did receive a hefty amount of $654,317 and a car in the split, is not entitled to any of Orton’s WWE earnings.

While the description of the split is vague, we can assume that the two had grown apart, with Orton constantly on the road. Side note: The woman who portrayed his wife on T.V. in 2009 was not actually his wife.