Ten WWE Superstars who Hate John Cena

The storied history of professional wrestling and the much-shorter history of sports entertainment have never had a more polarizing figure than John Cena.

As the WWE’s top star for the less decade-plus, no one inspires a more passionate response among the fanbase. Cena the man is well-liked, or at the very least respected by the majority of the audience, while Cena the character is a very different story. Opinions on him run the gamut from avid support, passionate disdain and ardent frustration. The positive to take from all that is that he rarely inspires apathy.

Live crowds at every event where he appears battle it out with dueling chants—the high-pitched chorus of “let’s go Cena” vs. the lower register “Cena sucks”. The distaste for the character comes from a visceral desire to see something, anything really, different from WWE rather than the much-maligned #LOLCENAWINS. Neither Hulk Hogan nor Steve Austin, the two biggest stars in history in history, were ever consistently on top for as long as John Cena. The mantra of “hustle, loyalty, respect” has grown stale and repetitive and we’re hungry for something different.

For as polarizing as Cena is to the fans, he’s been known to be equally so among his peers. There have been several cases where talent (many of whom are no longer with the company) have voiced their frustration with John Cena the man, as well as the way the character is booked. Some of this can be chalked up to professional envy and the competitive nature of the performers. But other times the resentment stems from a very real (at least perceived as real) place. We’re about to get into that. Please bear in mind that this is all hearsay.

10. The Rock


When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made his triumphant return to WWE in 2011 as the host of WrestleMania 27, the seeds were planted for a pair of matches that would headline back-to-back WrestleManias against the biggest full-time star in the WWE. This was undoubtedly the biggest match that the company had the ability to make during this time period and anticipation was high for the eventual square-off.

While the matches themselves were less than memorable affairs, with the “Twice in a Lifetime” dream pairing not producing a ton of in-ring chemistry, the build-up the showdowns were quite fun. Promo exchanges between the two often got heated, with a more personal touch than most of what WWE produces. Fans could sense some very real animosity brewing beneath the surface with the two stars, and recently The Rock has admitted as much in several interviews.

Johnson has been quoted as saying the two almost came to blows several times, and that the tension that you saw on television between the two was genuine. Mostly it stemmed from two alpha dogs who were both driven to be the best butting heads, and Cena taking his promos a little too far (especially when he called Rock out for having his promo notes written on his hand). It seems there were several guys backstage who resented Rock walking back into two straight Mania main events, and he wasn’t as welcomed as he felt he should have been.

Regardless, the two went out and did business like true professionals and have since ironed out their differences.