Ten Wrestlers Who Are Jealous Of The Rock’s Success

2. CM Punk

If a person’s career takes off thanks to their penchant for dropping verbal “pipe bombs,” it’s only natural that this career would also explode in glorious fashion. CM Punk left WWE with a laundry list of complaints, and kept them quiet for several months, ultimately revealing his many quibbles with his past employer during a lengthy podcast with his former friend, Colt Cabana.

Punk had been complaining quite a while before he left, though, and one of his first public issues with Vince McMahon was the decision to have Punk end his landmark 434-day WWE Championship reign to a part-timer.

For all of his irascibility, CM Punk is a consummate businessman, and thus his problem isn’t really with The Rock in this matter. In fact, Punk was far less upset than over the incident than was first reported, although he has gone on record to say his philosophy on wrestling includes the World Champion at the end of every show, not just every show the champ has the time to attend.

Punk also felt that his matches with The Rock could have been better, though, in the same breath, he also admitted he felt that was about almost every match he had ever wrestled.