Ten Wrestlers Who Are Jealous Of The Rock’s Success

The more successful a person is, the more likely they are to attract jealousy, especially from the people they work with.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood as of 2016, putting him on a pay scale far above any of his former co-workers in WWE. This alone has been enough to make plenty of actors and wrestlers jealous, and The Rock is only making things worse each time he waltzes back into WWE and takes away precious screen time from the new superstars trying to follow in his footsteps.

While not every wrestler wants to be a movie star, they inevitably want to main event WrestleMania. This honor is something The Rock took away from full-time performers twice within the past five years. The Rock earned his success through hard work and dedication to his craft, with his natural charisma helping him in immeasurable manners along the way. It isn’t exactly fair for other wrestlers to be jealous of The Rock with all things considered, as the fact is, most superstars don’t have the skills The Rock has.

Any resentment over The Rock “stealing” a main event from a newer talent is a questionable complaint, as well, since whenever The Rock is on the show, everyone benefits thanks to the larger audience he always brings. Nonetheless, plenty of wrestlers have spoken out against The Great One for a variety of reasons, objecting to his presence in WWE and in Hollywood, either recently, or in some cases, for quite a long time now. Keep reading to learn about 10 professional wrestlers who resent The Rock, and get a window into what it is about him that causes their scorn.

10. Kelly Kelly

There’s a good chance we’re projecting a little by claiming Kelly Kelly is flat out resentful of The Rock, but it remains completely fair to say that she has been open about the fact that she highly envies at least one of his movie roles. The Rock is slated to star in an upcoming film adaption of the popular ‘90s action-comedy series Baywatch, portraying the David Hasselhoff character.

Hasselhoff had top billing on the show, but the real draw was Pamela Anderson, whose role will be taken over by supermodel Kelly Rohrbach in the movie. This hasn’t stopped the former superstar now professionally known by her real married name, Barbie Blank-Souray, from doing her best to angle for the role.

Once The Rock’s involvement was announced, Kelly Kelly wrote on Twitter, “Soooooo @therock I think I would make a great CJ Parker in the new Baywatch movie. #JustSayin’.” Now that things obviously haven’t panned out for Blank, it would only be reasonable to imagine her being a little disappointed.

Not that The Rock necessarily could have even done anything about this, or would have wanted to, but it probably stings just a little that The People’s Champ never even bothered to respond to her on the matter.