Ten Things You Didn’t Know About CM Punk

In the history of wrestling, there have been a hell of a lot of controversial performers.

It makes sense, considering that the entire industry is predicated on featuring people who in most cases need to have massive enough egos to pull off playing larger than life figures. Missed by fans who love him enough that even now, a full two years since he last appeared in a WWE ring, there are still occasional crowds that chant CM Punk‘s name. On the other side of things, several of his bosses, peers and people he’s interacted with see him in a very different light.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most arcane facts that make his career so fascinating and in some cases had a direct impact on why he is so loved and so hated today. Some fans quite possibly could already be aware of some of the entries on our list but only true wrestling devotees won’t find some pieces of information here that they had no idea about.

10. Beaten by Simon Dean and Maven

It is a fact of wrestling life, that with very few exceptions, most wrestlers we’ve enjoyed on major WWE cards at one time or another took part in matches for the company where they were trounced. A time-honored tradition exists where WWE employees who haven’t yet made a name for themselves in the company are fed to wrestlers who have, in order to make their foes look stronger.

On the April 17th, 2005 edition of Sunday Night Heat, Punk teamed with a man named Chad Russell Simpson to take on Maven and Simon Dean in a losing effort. The future Straight Edge Savior losing to men who despite decent sized tenures in the company are mostly forgettable is a shocking enough turn of events for any list like this.

Taking the lion’s share of the beating, at least, Punk didn’t take a pin in the match that would have been swiftly forgotten forever had he not taken part in it.