Ten Facts About Rusev And Lana Marriage

The Soviet Union may have collapsed more than two decades ago, and yet somehow the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and his wife, Lana, have been keeping the Red Scare alive in WWE since they debuted in 2013.

Rusev is legitimately Bulgarian, while Lana is a Florida native who spent many of her teenage years in Latvia, making their ties to the former Soviet Union genuine if still anachronistic. The more important piece of verisimilitude is that the pair have actually been a couple in real life pretty much from the start of their onscreen alliance, and they made it official by becoming husband and wife in July of 2016. Rusev and Lana create a unique union even among their fellow WWE superstars since company executives paired them up, only for a very real romance to blossom almost immediately.

The even stranger part is that Vince McMahon apparently went on to change his mind about the whole thing once they started getting serious, even going so far as to attempt to separate them onscreen just as Rusev started thinking about asking Lana to walk down the aisle. Obviously, Lana said yes to Rusev, and love conquered Vince McMahon’s will, leading to some interesting things happening to Lana and Rusev’s careers in WWE.

Outside of what happens in the ring, Lana and Rusev have proven to be a pretty dynamic couple with bizarre and yet fantastic interests, making their relationship one that fans should have a blast reading about. Despite their ups and downs on television, the pair seem to perfectly gel in the real world, leading to some memorable moments and incredible stories that show a softer side of the Bulgarian Brute and his Russian Princess.

Check out our list of the 10 things you never knew about Rusev and Lana’s marriage, and see what has been keeping this pair together all these years.

10. Lana Debuted As Rusev’s Manager

Now more than ever, male and female WWE superstars are hooking up at an incredible rate. This isn’t anything new, nor is the phenomenon any different from typical interoffice dating, which has become more commonplace and acceptable as the world evolves to meet the realities of modern romance.

The difference between Lana and Rusev and the majority of the WWE couples is that while most of them start backstage, while Lana and Rusev were paired up onscreen from the very beginning of Lana’s career. Lana debuted in NXT as Rusev’s manager, after he had failed to show any strong connection with the aforementioned slew of representatives he had tried his hand at doing business with.

Rusev and Lana instantly connected with fans on a level significantly greater than Rusev had ever been capable of doing alone or with his previous alliances, and rumors almost immediately started swirling that their connection might have extended towards real life, as well. It would be a few years until things were confirmed, but chances are it didn’t take long before Rusev and Lana were feeling thankful about their career paths aligning.