Some great CAWs to keep your WWE ’12 roster updated

Best WWE 12 current wrestler CAWs

The trouble with WWE games is that they get outdated quickly because of how quickly changes happen in the real WWE. Fortunately, the CAW community is there to help keep our WWE games up to date. Here is a list of some exceptional WWE 12 CAWs of real WWE talent that didn’t make it into WWE ’12 along with their authors so you can find them. These are from the Xbox 360 Community Creations.

Jimmy Uso – deathbyego
Jey Uso – deathbyego
Kurt Hawkins – BALLARD32
JTG – status
Tyler Reks - status
Rosa Mendes – I thespecialK l
A.J. Lee – I thespecialK l
Kaitlyn – I thespecialK l
Tamina – Marbu13