Ryback CAW for WWE 12

Accurate WWE 12 Ryback CAW by Kartik

Ryback CAW WWE 12

A pretty accurate CAW of Skip Sheffield a.k.a Ryback is available for download from the PS3 Community Creations. We can now take him out of squash matches and have him live up to his full potential, which he has plenty of.

This Ryback CAW can be downloaded from the PS3 Community Creations. Tags: Ryback, kartik

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More on Ryback

Known as Skip Sheffield at the time, Ryback (real name Ryan Reeves) was part of the first season of NXT and the Nexus stable that emerged from it, until a broken ankle forced him out of action. The name Ryback is his old FCW monicker and comes from a combination of Ryan and Silverback, a childhood nickname he had because friend joked about him resembling a Silverback gorilla because he started weightlifting at 12 years old, wanting to become a professional wrestler.

He first appeared in the WWE in 2004 as part of the fourth season of Tough Enough, which was eventually won by mixed martial artist Daniel Puder. Despite losing the competition, Ryback impressed the officials by competing with bronchitis and a rib injury, so he was signed for a WWE developmental contract in OVW as Skip Sheffield, his cowboy character. After FCW took over as WWE’s training camp, Reeves formed a tag team with Sheamus until he was called up to the main roster. He eventually made his debut on the first season of WWE NXT with William Regal as his mentor.

The WWE seems to be using the Goldberg formula, which is obvious from the Goldberg chants he’s getting. It’s unfortunate that he has to be compared to Goldberg because he has every bit as much energy and intensity as Goldberg did, but he’s a much better wrestler because of his flashy power moves. If the WWE puts half as much effort into getting Ryback over as WCW has done with Goldberg, he has a great future in professional wrestling.

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